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"For the first time, a program can tell you what is going wrong and how to fix it." More..

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I have tried everything to improve my computing experience. Ergonomic keyboards and mice, speech recognition, etc. But there is nothing that I can recall seeing like this piece of software: Desk Doctor from Einspine.


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What is Desk Doctor?

Desk Doctor is an innovative software program that safeguards you from Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI).
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What is RSI?

Repetitive Stress Injuries are a range of problems like tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome caused by working for long periods, for example, at a computer. (Also called cumulative trauma disorder, repetitive motion injury, work related upper limb disorders, repetitive motion syndrome and occupational overuse syndrome.)
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Why use Desk Doctor?

It's the only system that gets to the root cause of developing RSI and guides you through your prevention and rehabilitation program.
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How does Desk Doctor work?

Desk Doctor first guides you through an on-screen medical assessment. Then with your results, Desk Doctor uses its built-in reasoning to compile the optimum exercise program to keep you healthy.
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How much exercise do I need?

One or two minutes of personal, targeted exercises per hour can effectively prevent or rehabilitate RSI. Desk Doctor selects an exercise when you need one, and guides you through it in a video.
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