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What is RSI?
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What is RSI?

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What is RSI?

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What is RSI?


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Primary disorder
Pulling sensation


Primary disorder, pronator teres, pronator teres syndrome..

Primary disorder   The first or most prevailing diagnosed condition.

Profile Viewer (Desk Doctor)   Where you may view your personal exercise plan, preview exercises, read how to perform each exercise and see how often each exercise will be played. Read more about how the Profile is created.

Pronator Teres   A muscle in the forearm. Its role, in conjunction with the Pronator quadratus , is to "pronate", turn the arm so that he palm is facing downwards.

Pronator Teres Syndrome   In Pronator Teres Syndrome, the median nerve becomes compressed by the pronator teres muscle. Symptoms may include numbness, tingling, pins and needles in the fingers and weakness in gripping and pinching movements. This condition is often misdiagnosed as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Pronator Teres Syndrome is much more common than true Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and much easier to treat. Simple exercises and stretches are often all that is need to alleviate the symptoms. Read how Desk Doctor can help with this type of problem.

Proprioception   The sense that allows one to know not only where one is in space, (up, down, left, right, bent or straight) but also the position and location of each individual part and joint, when the eyes are closed. It is a subconscious awareness which is based on the sensory input from the skin, joints and muscles.

Pulling sensation   The sensation that a muscle is being pulled beyond what is physically comfortable. This is often an early sign of a muscle that is too tight. Stretches and exercises are very effective for reducing muscle tension. Read how Desk Doctor helps restore the natural balance of muscles.



Primary disorder
Pulling sensation


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